Thursday, December 23, 2004


This is a blog dedicated to left wing law and political theory. We will explore such topics as the environment, poverty law, and labor law (my specialties of course).

To the liberals:

Stick around! We'll convert you yet! There is more to defend than mere civil rights. It's time to get serious about economic rights as well. Human rights include worker and environmental rights.

To the conservatives:

You guys need to stick around, too. Especially if you are a "conservative" and make less than $200K. What exactly do you middle class and working class stiffs have to be conservative about anyway? You may even learn about how health care is rationed out by the insurance industry. And feel free to inject a conservative point of view as long as you are polite.

To the reactionaries:

All you Opus Dei, promisekeeper, and market fundamentalists really ought to hang out somewhere else. No, really. Nothing we have to say will make a difference to you. And frankly your ideas are too out of touch with reality to convince anyone who hasen't partaken of the right-wing kool-aid or Jesus Juice. Just go to LGF or FreeRepublic where you can be part of the echo chamber.